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MemberHub is a robust software tool, where as a PTO member you can have access to the Membership Directory, Messages, Events, Signups, Files and Photos distributed by the PTO. 

Click MEMBER ACCESS below to access the Dashboard.

After you've logged in, you have lots of options:

"My Hubs" tab at the top to visit a hub or add content using the links to the left.  


"Join Hubs" tab also you to add yourself to other Hubs that are of interest to you.  This does not commit you to anything, it only signs you up to receive communications about this class, committee or event.

"Main Calendar" shows all of the PTO events

"Directory" is a database of all PTO members

"Library" is a repository for all files and graphics

"Shop" is the store where you can purchase lots of different items,

and occasionally tickets to events as well. 

"Givebacks": It’s an easy and fun way to help us reach our fundraising goals to support our school! Periodically, we’ll be adding new special savings on family products and services to our store. When you buy Givebacks, up to 20% of ALL sales go back to our PTO! Share your purchases on social media - the more you share, the more funds we raise. MemberHub Givebacks

There are other options in the left navigation bar as well.

So, sign in and take a look around.  We're here to answer any questions you have.

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