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Who are we? What do we do?

Cucinella’s PTO is an independent parent group that encourages parents, teachers and community involvement by providing programs that facilitate. These activities include reading, science, math, health & fitness programs. 

PTO parents get involved by supporting their students, teachers and staff. Parents can volunteer to be room parents to assist with class parties, field trips & other classroom activities. Click here to see a description of the other Volunteer opportunities that are available throughout the year!

Teachers and staff become involved by helping to plan events that encourage the education of the students. Special family nights & workshops are just a few of the ways we are supported by our wonderful Cucinella staff.

The students reap the benefits by the involvement and support of all the adults involved in the PTO. We support the educational goals of the school, thus extending those goals to the students!



Meetings: The PTO holds one meeting a month, open to everyone who would like to attend. Most of the meetings are held in the evenings & located in the school cafetorium. We do have a few daytime meetings throughout the year. 

Thrill Share: E-mail blasts from the PTO Communications Directors will be sent out as needed. They will include any Sign Up Genius links for upcoming events that need volunteers, a compiled list of upcoming PTO events and any important info from Committee Chairs will also be included.  

Smore Letter: Weekly PTO updates will be released via our principal's weekly Parent Communication. These updates will include a link to the PTO's "Friday Folder" featuring information on past, current & upcoming activities, volunteer opportunities & more!

Facebook: Our FB page is for our PTO members only. Here you will see reminders, events, volunteer opportunities, pictures & more! Join today & gain access to our FB Group!

Flyers: Flyers for upcoming events, programs, etc are posted in the school's lobby.  Additional copies may be sent home via students backpacks only as needed. 

Here at Cucinella, we strive for excellence! The PTO is a TEAM effort in which we cannot succeed on our own. Become a member, join in the fun, create excitement and help our children in countless ways!

Join the Cucinella PTO team today!

We look forward to working alongside of you!

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